Written by: inee

1.Guild members are required to select a new SWGOH account name if their current name was assigned by the game or is already in use by an existing guild member. 
2.Guild members are required to join the Dark Lords Syndicate Discord server and, where necessary, set their server nickname to one that relates to their SWGOH name so that they can be easily identified. 
3. All guild members are required to have a public and synced account. 
4.All guild members are expected to generate 600 tickets per day. And have them done an hour before reset. 
5.All guild members are required to notify the guild officers if they will be inactive for a period of 2 days or more. Notification is to be made in the form of a post in the designated Discord channel (#(guild name_inactive) and must include start and end dates. 
6.Guild members are required to join territory wars; setting defenses and launching attacks as directed. Each guild member is required to set a minimum of two defensive squads. 
7.Guild members are required to join territory battles and; fill platoons, attempt missions and deploy as directed. 
8.Guild members are required to to press the Join button on Sith raids within 24 hours of launch and make reasonable effort to post damage during each refresh period. 
9.Guild members are required to press the Join button on HPit raids within 24 hours of launch and obey damage posting rules (no damage for 10 minutes). 
10. Guild members are required to press the Join button on HAAT raids and obey damage posting rules.

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